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Carpet Service & Care Richmond can restore the beauty of your upholstery, and your furniture. We have a team of skilled cleaning technicians that know the best techniques and the right products to care for your furniture.

Your furniture gives your home an elegant look especially if it is clean and well maintained. We are steam upholstery cleaner that restores the beauty of your furniture and enables you to enjoy it for a long time to come. How much is your furniture worth to you? Probably a lot because of the value it has not just in financial terms, but also in memories shared with family and friends. Perhaps your furniture is passed down from generation to generation and has a lot of family history.

Sofa Steam Cleaners

Upholstery Steam Cleaning - Sofa Cleaners

We do microfiber sofa cleaning that gives your furniture a better look. You have heard that these types of sofas are easy to clean, but that is not necessarily the case. Over time, dust and dirt combine with soap and water to discolor your seats. Our professional cleaners know how to use effective products to clean your sofas and leave them looking new again. Cleaning couches is something we take pride in doing because we enjoy the job and know how to do it well. We also enjoy seeing the happy look on customers’ faces once we transform their sofas. Our furniture cleaning service is available any time that you need us. We respond fast when you call us and need our services because we have a lot of technicians that are ready to serve you at all times.

Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning

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