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Cleaning rugs is an art as well as a science. To do a good job, one has to appreciate the beauty and work towards enhancing it. But in order to do this a thorough knowledge of the materials used to make the rugs is required. Carpet Service & Care Richmond understands how to take care of your rugs and over time has built extensive knowledge on the proper methods and products of cleaning oriental, wool and area rugs.

We also specialize in rug dry cleaning and do the best job around. We will pick up and return in great order all the rugs that we take from your home. You will not have to do any heavy lifting or carrying dirty rugs in your vehicle. We have got that taken care of and our turn-around time is assured so that you know exactly when you will get them back.

Rug Steam Cleaners

Steam Rug Cleaning - Oriental Rug Cleaners

The Oriental rug cleaning crew appreciates the artistry that goes into making these rugs and pay attention on the type of materials that go into making them. Of particular importance is the dye that goes into making these coverings. Since in most cases they are made by hand and the dyes used are organic since it is derived from plants harsh chemicals can make these colors to bleed into other parts of the material, which would ruin them. Having a service that understands how to clean these rugs and preserve their colors and hence their beauty is very beneficial for a homeowner.

Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning

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